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Locations and Hours

Lancaster Headquarters

6am-5pm M-F

8am-12pm Sat.

24 hours service for all branches


8am-5pm M-F


8am-5pm M-F


8am-5pm M-F


8am-5pm M-F


8am-5pm M-F

Brown Web 2.0
The use of Brown Transmission web site design and the world wide web that aims to facilitate creativity, information sharing and, most notably, collaboration among our users. We will continue to grow these applications to fit our users. So chime in and let us know what you think and what you would like to see next.

Online tools- We have added an online tools section to help you and your customers get the answers you are looking for fast. See the online tools section in the brown library in the top menu bar.-> or Click Here

Brown Transmission's facebook-People participating in Brown's facebook page can look forward to building bonds with each other as we build a knowledge base and a place where you can get years of industry experience right in your own home or office. Sign up and ask questions or help answer questions. Subjects dealt with in our forum include simple questions on bearings to specialty areas such as quarries. Find the the answer you are looking for or ask a question that hasn't been asked yet.-> Click Here

Brown Twitter-Our Twitter page is made to give you quick updates and information about what is going on and BTB and with our vendors.->or Click Here

LinkedIn- strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts. You can read our profile page by clicking Linkedin under web 2.0 in the top menu bar.->or Click Here